Insurance Billing

Insurance Billing / Revenue Cycle Management

Hospitals, healthcare systems and medical centers are under pressure to improve their quality of care, while facing reduced reimbursement, increased risk and margin pressure. They also face ever-increasing billing and compliance complexity, which can very easily become unmanageable. This is why it’s so important to fully command your revenue cycle. Poor revenue cycle management can lead to dangerous cash flow problems.

Centerline provides medical claims settlement and billing services that allow for prompt payment, lower billing errors, and maximum reimbursement to improve the financial performance of your practice. We provide solutions for the submission and billing of medical claims that support your employees in such a way that allows the professional expertise and capacity of your practice to grow. We improve your reimbursement rates beyond industry standards and create credible reports that ensure your success, profitability and sustainability in an ever-shifting healthcare environment.

Insurance billing services remove the tedious task of revenue cycle management (RCM) from medical practices and puts it in the hands of seasoned professionals. But how do you know the medical billing service you hire will meet your standards? Centerline utilizes purpose-built industry leading software that not only eliminates costly billing errors and claims delays, but also allows us to provide a completely transparent process to our clients. At Centerline, we believe that providing access to your data is a crucial part of building a trust relationship. You, as a provider, will see real-time authorizations, claims progress and payments. This allows you the opportunity to understand the current climate and develop your capabilities for the future.

By hiring a third-party billing company to handle your revenue cycle, you are entrusting us with the financial health of your business. We take this very seriously and have developed proven, end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions to help you increase efficiency and optimize net patient revenue.